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What is custom-made or customized furniture?

Custom making furniture simply means to design a product of utility and aesthetics for a home and make it fit its designated space to the tee. The concept of custom-made furniture isn't new to the Indian context. We often seek help from carpenters for our interior needs, which is nothing but customization. But why is customization of your furniture required?

This can be better explained with an analogy.

Imagine your home to be a jig-saw puzzle. A half done puzzle is like your newly constructed, un-furnished house and the voids that remain are the interior spaces that need to be filled in with furniture. Now imagine filling these voids with random pieces from another puzzle. The pieces are not the right size, the tongue and groves don’t match and the partial image printed on each of the pieces, aren’t even a part of the final picture that you wanted.

Furnishing your house with ready-made furniture is like doing the same. It might give you the temporary satisfaction of completing the puzzle but will never form the final picture that you set out to make in the first place. Instead, if the voids are filled with pieces that are meant to fit them in size, shape, style and function, then the end result is a complete and seamless picture.

Customized furniture is your solution to obtain that complete picture in the form of your dream home. By designing for those voids in your home, the perfect piece of furniture is created. One that is a right fit and that matches the rest of your home and your personality.

Check out some of the key factors of comparison between customized and ready furniture in the next post: Advantages to customized furniture.


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