6 Steps to qualify your interior designer.

Why do you need the help of an interior designer?

Be it a new home or a renovation project, executing it can be a very cumbersome activity especially in the Indian context where professionalism in the field of construction is scarce. Micro-managing all the activities involved can be exhausting and indeterminate. Having professional assistance in furnishing your home can be time-saving, stress- free and worth every penny you spend.

On what basis should you choose the right interior designer for your home? There is no lack of interior designers today in India. They are just a google search away. But on what basis you can qualify them so that they are the right fit for you can be determined by these six steps.

1. Map your requirement... Knowing exactly what you need can be very helpful in saving time and locating the right designer for you.

2. ....or find someone to do the same. Not in all cases are you sure of what you want. This indecisive nature can be sometimes misapprehended, resulting in an outcome you never wanted. In such a case, finding an interior designer who can educate you enough to help you determine your own requirement is crucial.

3. Qualify their ability to provide the right solution. Custom making interiors involve a high level of planning and creativity especially when the solution proposed has to match the client requirement perfectly in its functionality and aesthetics. No two solutions can be the same and therefore planning interiors for every project needs a different approach. The right interior designer will treat every project objectively, however making use of the many years of experience that they have in